Ian Goss-Ross, CEO
Kobus Potgieter, CFO and all Stakeholders of Elingo (PTY) Ltd.

Dear Ladies, dear Gentlemen
Re. Ongoing support of the Viva Foundation of South Africa:

On behalf of the Board, team and beneficiaries of the Viva Foundation of South Africa, I wish to express our sincere gratitude for the continuous support from your company, that makes it possible for us to operate the Viva Enterprise Development Initiative and other projects in the Alaska Informa Settlement, Mamelodi East.

It is difficult to express in words what your support means to us personally, as a team and most of all, to the beneficiaries of our programmes. I am not sure if the true value and future impact can be fully grasped, as we may look at immediate benefits of enterprise development and education, a feeding scheme, counseling, violence prevention and the positive influence these ‘ordinary’ acts have. What we cannot begin to fathom though, is the joy with which our entrepreneurs receive their support and training, the children wear their school uniform, women and girls can live in safety and the sense of belonging and pride that the Viva Village fosters in this extremely impoverished community.

The value of a good education touches our children dramatically, but also having a stable and meaningful job, touches our faculty and team. I can only pray that everyone on your team could get a glimpse of the significance of your involvement and experience the joy of knowing it is indeed possible to make a real and meaningful difference in the lives of others.

With warm regards,

Meleney B. Kriel

CEO, The Viva Foundation of South Africa

The Viva Foundation of South Africa

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