Business Process automation

Business Process Automation is the glue that ties all the systems, solutions, and ways of doing things at a company together. Why has this become so essential? Because by doing this efficiently, modern companies (small, medium or large) can save costs and focus on new opportunities.

Business can ill afford not to drive better customer experiences. One of the most productive ways of doing so is through automation of business processes and workflows and streamlining everything to run smoothly by combining the right methodology with tools and software. The Elingo business process automation solution is built on an all-in-one platform for the complete automation of customer-facing and back-office processes.

  • Intuitive, graphical design environment that speeds process flow and user interface design with drag-and-drop, configurable options;
  • Configurable integration options simplifying integration and information exchange between business process automation and other systems and applications using Web service calls, database actions, and other available integration methods;
  • Multiple ways to initiate a process so you can ensure consistently regardless of what kicks off a process;
  • Intelligent queuing and routing so you can prioritise and deliver work to the right people in your organisation;
  • Real‐time monitoring so you have visibility into every step of a work process including statistics, alerts for errors, delays, approaching due dates, and the ability to automatically re-assign work based on business rules;
  • Detailed reporting. Providing powerful insight into process metrics, right down to the individual and work item; and
  • Mobility so you can extend business processes to users on the road or who are reliant on mobile devices for engagement.

Of course, business process automation can only take you so far. A vital component on this road is to optimise your workforce as well.

This will give your organisation the advantage of balance between efficient operations and excellent service. The demands of the modern contact centre are incredibly high and unforgiving. By consulting with Elingo, you can arm yourself with the solution you need to carry you through.

Let our workforce optimisation give your contact centre the necessary solution to improve the performance of your entire workforce for you to achieve your operational and strategic goals.


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