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Being one of the key touch points of a business, the contact centre should be critical to the success of the organisation. Often, this forms the primary way customers engage with the company.

The contact centre underpins customer engagement in the connected era. So as a company that values its customers and wants to differentiate itself on superior service, you should make every contact count. Catering for any size business irrespective of industry, our hosted call centre offers the services that a premise-based customer service centre provides and is purpose-built for easy implementation for your organisation. With our expertise and customised solutions approach, you can truly empower your contact centre with powerful, flexible, and reliable customer engagement solutions.

In the ultra-competitive business landscape, companies can no longer afford to just meet customer demand. They need to anticipate and exceed it. We offer your business a one-stop-shop when it comes to building and support omnichannel customer service.

  • Engage with customers on their preferred medium whether that is phone, email, SMS, social media, or online chat;
  • Compare real-time information with historical information to understand trends better and schedule agent availability accordingly;
  • Deliver consistent service with solutions to optimise resources and manage employee performance;
  • React to higher call abandons or lower traffic by bringing agents in or taking them out of queues with simple clicks or having the system automate these tasks;
  • Monitor whether agents are in a no-work mode (release) allowing them to closely monitor agent activity;
  • Supervise agents-in-training by monitoring specific extensions visually and by using silent monitor, listen, barge in, and coach features;
  • Customise functionality to meet the unique needs of your business and interoperate with existing systems that need to be retained; and
  • Manage the entire business process with a full suite of multichannel hosted contact centreunified communications, and business process automation features.
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