Cloud-based Contact Centre –
Call Centre Solutions in the Cloud

Cloud computing, the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local servers or a personal computer, has become a focus area for many organisations. Yet many do not feel comfortable in migrating their data to a cloud-only environment. Elingo has extensive experience across industries on public, private, hybrid and other cloud contact centre environments.

Our cloud call centre offering brings your communications and collaboration platform into a virtualised environment. Not only does this give you better mobility, quality, simplicity, and reliability, but it also does it cost-effectively. We provide you with a system that just works so you can focus on meeting your key deliverables. For example, our phone system links your office to the cloud and leverages extensive geo-redundant data centres around the world so everything keeps running no matter what.

Additionally, the Elingo work stream communications and collaboration solution provides you with a persistent workspace for team-based engagements from anywhere in the world.

Now, you do not have to worry about getting all team members in one room. With our solution, you can increase your speed to market with a completely converged collaboration application to encompass mobile workers, partners, and even customers.

Some of the key Cloud features include:
  • Consolidate teamwork capabilities into a single window pane, centralising chats, content sharing, collaborative whiteboard sessions, pictures, videos, presentations, and add rich graphic and vocal annotations;
  • Keep up to date on projects, stay connected with colleagues and clients, and eliminate cumbersome emails with powerful layers of embedded collaboration within a single application;
  • Integrate and embed more than 40 external services such as DropBox,, Evernote, and Google Drive directly into your business environment to automate alerts, seamlessly import content and annotate files, all within the same application; and
  • Expand teams passed the physical confines of your own organisation to include remote employees, contractors, and even partner or customer contacts, anywhere in the world irrespective of device used.

Exceed your customer’s expectations and instantiate new revenue with the largest set of cloud customer experience solutions. Elingo offers a variety of different cloud call centre solutions for all your business and customers’ needs.