From Dark Ages to Automation – the Evolution of Communication

Email is a form of communication and is not a way to delegate work. Email in general is sent to either an individual or group, where by the organisation has no reporting, views tracking, tracing and/or service level agreements with escalations.

How often is an email sent to the wrong person and sits in their mail box and not handled? How often do you need to chase up the person to action the work before something gets done? The same goes for documents, excel spreadsheets and any manual work.

This should be automatically managed, routed to the correct people in your organisation and handled efficiently.

With the advance of Business Process Automation (BPA) companies can have work items ACD- routed (contact centre type routing) to available people with the correct skill sets, designate service level agreements on work items and have these work items escalated to a supervisor / manager / co-worker. Implementing the correct BPA tool reduces the risk of human error and bottlenecks in the process.

No matter how your client wants to interact with your business, the process should always be the same and the quality of service should be identical.

Irrespective of whether it is a phone call, an email, web interaction, an IVR, a facsimile, an SMS – any form of communication or event should trigger precisely the same process within your organisation and be serviced and/or dealt with in a consistent and professional manner.

These work items can then be measured and reported on across all channels of your business, live and in real-time.

There should be no need to track activity in the workplace with excel spreadsheets. Documents should not pile up on desks and get moved from person to person to complete. Emails should not be used as a means of work management and delegation.

This represents the Dark Age way of working.

In one case where we have implemented Business Process Automation (BPA), the client saw an estimated ROI valued at about R7 Million per month.

This is down to simply by being able to route, queue, measure and escalate and/or reroute work items to the correct people, and with the correct skills to handle the work with all associated service level agreements, company policies and procedures in place.

This is about consistent service across the entire organisation to provide fast, efficient AND professional service for your customers – with nothing falling through the cracks.

This is the new age of corporate management – one defined by real-time, efficient business process automation!

The Elingo business process automation solution is built on an all-in-one platform for the complete automation of customer-facing and back-office processes.