Businesses focusing on digital transformation in 2017

Ian Goss-Ross, CEO of ICT services and solutions firm Elingo, explains, “In today’s ‘digital-first service-first’ business environment, companies are under pressure to deliver customer service and a ‘real customer experience’.

“This period of digital disruption will challenge and disrupt many organisations and will automatically eliminate those who are unable to capitalise and struggle to keep up with customer demands.

“On the flip side, those businesses that do position themselves to integrate technology and automate systems will be able to guarantee that customers enjoy a streamlined experience on all levels of engagement with a company.”

Companies will be challenged to automate manual tasks or processes, so that they can give more attention to the demands of digital disruption transformation. Elingo’s management believes businesses will be looking for quick gains by implementing business process automation in order to stay current.

“Constant disruption will happen and we will experience the secondary effects of the disruption as digital disruption will create more opportunities.

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly taking off and there will be more prevalent use of connected devices going forward. This includes everything from mobile phones, activity health trackers to vehicle trackers, but the general consumer is still far too relaxed about security and privacy,” concludes Goss-Ross.