Retaining talent with quality business processes

Every potential customer interacting with your company might need to interface with your employees and understand what needs to be done to create a better platform for communication and understanding of your unique value and solutions.

The question is what is the biggest source of frustration for my employees? Are we making it simple to service our clients, or are we creating situations where our employees spend time trying to navigate back-end systems that makes the whole process tedious for all involved.

We need to review the customer journey based on their interactions and ask ourselves: are we easy to do business with, or are contracts long and difficult? is interaction slow? and are the response times weeks instead of days?

A major reason for employees leaving companies is simply due to the frustration of having to understand technology to get their job done. They often have to take long training cycles just to get their minds round the systems, and then once they have understood all these systems, they have to tackle exclusions and discrepancies between the different information streams in the company.

Systems that offer employees information at their fingertips and eliminate the daily mundane tasks will make all the difference – rather than leave, staff could actually remain with the company and build a long-term career with the business.

Why not automate the business processes that create frustration and develop the capacity of your employees to solve business problems and could give you the competitive edge.

Who knows your company better than the people on the coal face? Hearing all the complaints and understanding the difference small changes to your product could make in terms of market adoption, or simply resolving some of the product problems before they arise by adapting the offering.

Are you listening to your employees and understanding their view of the customer journey? We all understand the importance of the customer experience, and the retention of those core clients, the question is: are we creating the ecosystem for our employees to grow into brand ambassadors?

Are your employees so fixated on solving problems, and replicating mindless tasks that they are never able to think for themselves, take initiative and use the opportunity to innovate your business with you.

Your company might need creativity and innovation to move to the next level in the market and beat competitors, but some of the most innovative people are leaving your company either because of menial labor that could and should have been automated, or they feel their opinions and input is not taken seriously.

Understanding business process automation from a holistic point of view, and finding a vendor and partner that is able to look at your business and help you understand the benefits of deploying technology will give you a competitive advantage.

Cutting edge technology partnered with industry trends is not good enough to make you a market leading world beater, you will also need to innovate like never before and enabling every person in your business to contribute to your vision could be the next disruptive edge you’ve been looking for.

It is important to only automate business processes that changes the journey of the customer, and makes life better for those employees you want to retain. Innovation always needs to precede automation, otherwise you might end up with IT systems that create work you never anticipated and bottlenecks that could be more detrimental to your bottom line.