Become the Trusted Advisor(s)

They have been around for hundreds of years and without them the world simply would not be the same – positive and negatively.

Who are they you ask? Well they are called and referred to by different names, designations, and titles – Sales Representative, Sales Consultant, Sales Executive, Account Manager, Client Executive, Customer Lead, Account Executive, Sales Consultant, and so many other designations.

We all see these people in two very distinctive lights – it’s either positive and they provide generally great value, or it’s really negative … very seldom is there anything in between.

At a basic level they are just doing their jobs, to perform as trained and moulded by their organisations.

Today we are starting to see a real change in organisations and individuals wanting to be ahead of the competition and differentiate themselves from this traditional stigma that goes with these jobs …, enter the Trusted Advisor.

Regardless of whether you want to admit it or not, people buy from people and not companies, people deal with people they trust, and look to forge long lasting relationships and with people they trust – and I mean trust and no longer the “sales” smoke and mirrors”.

A Trusted Advisor aims, without compromise, to be trustworthy, honest, an open book, credible, ethical and, reliable, opposite to a box-dropper, dependable, values driven, has empathy and discretion.

This person truly listens to customers about their issues, aims to resolve issues even when it’s not their job function, and all the while taking a keen interest in the customer’s professional and private life.

The Trusted Advisor is completely the opposite from the traditional Sales Person / Job role.

Yet there are massive incentives and wins – it’s a win-win for all.

Customers get a Trusted Advisor with all the related benefits and perks, the Trusted Advisor gets a customer that will look nowhere else, but to them for all their needs, issues and future plans, – and of course the organisation gets a customer for life – a long lasting customer and organisational relationship.

Trusted Advisors actually generate more business, sales, faster closing times, receive more referrals (via their customers) and long lasting customer relationships.

The process involved in becoming a Trusted Advisor takes years and requires huge dedication to the cause from both the person and organisation.

But it’s worthwhile in the long run.

Sounds over the top, well believe it – this is what your customers truly want.

So become that Trusted Advisor, no matter the Industry you are in.