#CloudUpgrade at Elingo
#CloudUpgrade at Elingo

By Joshua Solani, CX Advisor

Don’t be caught napping… with support for specific hardware suppliers and their products having ended, it is critical to upgrade and protect your organisation, right? But what about cost? In one example, to upgrade a 500-seat contact centre can cost over US$225,000 – excluding any 3rd party hardware, software and integration points!

So what to do? A move to Oceana is not an upgrade, globally has very few site references and this approach also requires all new server hardware.

It is always better to partner with a vendor that offers a customer-focused journey to a stable True Cloud platform, that is a stable company.

So what to do, when looking at a way forward

Elingo has a proven record in platform migration, as such PureCloud a world leader in True Cloud Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions.

We follow a proven, prescriptive, “Walk/Run/ Fly” migration methodology and outcome-based Use Cases that include everything customers need in a single offer with predictable pricing.

We are uniquely able to consolidate disparate technologies into a single provider for all a company’s Contact Centre needs with a proven omni-channel solution – True cloud, hybrid or premise.

We are the one provider that is fully focused on Customer Experience with a track record of investment in innovation.

Become the customer experience hero…We can ensure customers are ready for predictive routing, chatbots, analytics, and other blended AI capabilities so their human workforce can become Customer Experience heroes.

Don’t just take our word for it, look at some of the documented results;

Ticketmaster improved their agent efficiency by 100%, Coca-Cola reduced TCO by 50% and consolidated disparate technologies into a single provider and Heineken enhanced call effectiveness by over 40% and improved sales success by 6 percentage points.