Kevin Hall, National Sales Manager, says Elingo has jumped at the opportunity to be a part of an event aimed at South Africa’s top cloud and hosting executives and IT professionals.

“This is a unique opportunity to hear about the latest developments in cloud and hosting services from those in the know, those who build their business around cloud migration, services, and hosting. We are a valuable contributor to this ecosystem and we plan on using the platform to detail our value proposition,” says Hall.

The conference features an impressive line-up of speakers including Aki Anastasiou, Micheal Needham, and Brett StClair.

Hall says Elingo is gaining traction in the cloud services space and its profile as an established services provider is being raised.

Elingo has gained quick and sustained traction in the market and is an established market leader in South Africa with world-class products and expertise.

The market is fast maturing says Hall and this is reflected in the type of conversation around cloud.

“Our viewpoint is that there is no doubt about the advantages of migration to the cloud and investment, but it does require a well-thought-out strategy and change in mindset.

Technology is crucial, but only one part of the overall success adds Hall.

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